Apr 292015

Ain’t Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee, Clara Smith (Clarence Williams / Bud Allen), 1928

Original recording:  Clara Smith (Vocals)


Recording information:

Recorded for Columbia in 1928


Once I had a loving daddy,
Just as sweet as he could be,
But my ever-loving daddy,
He’s a-gone from me!
And since he left me behind,
Here’s what’s on my mind, I find;

Ain’t got nobody to grind my coffee in the morning,
Ain’t got nobody to serve my breakfast in bed!
My daddy went away
A week ago today;
How am I gonna find a-
-nother coffee grinder
To do my grindin’ like my sweet man could do?

Ain’t got nobody to light my brand new percolator,
Ain’t got nobody to heat my oven duly!
When my daddy would love me, he was oh so good,
He could even haul my ashes, he would chop my kindlin’ wood!
Ain’t got nobody to love me like before,
And do my grinding for me!

My daddy used to love me pretty, I’ll confess;
Belive me, he could do it different from the rest!
Ain’t got nobody who could put me to a test,
And do my grinding for me, I say,
And do my grinding for me!

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