Apr 282015

Cigarette Blues, Bo Carter 

Original recording:  Bo Carter (Guitar and Vocals)


Recording information:

Recorded by Shanachie Records


Says now come over here sweet baby : because I’m all alone
Haven’t got nobody : just to carry my smoking on

Won’t you just draw on my cigarette : smoke it the whole night long
Just draw on my cigarette baby : until you make my good ashes come

Now I got to go up the country : just to get my cigarette boiled
The women around this place : going to let my cigarette spoil

I come over here sweet baby : just to get my ashes hauled
Lord the women at the other place : going to let my ashes spoil

Here’s one thing I want you to know : before you leave from home
My cigarette ain’t too big : and you know it ain’t too long 

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