Dec 062014

Crazy Blues, Mamie Smith (Perry Bradford),1920

Original recording:  Mamie Smith (Vocals)



Recording information:

Recorded for OKeh Records in 1920


I can’t sleep at night
I can’t eat a bite
’cause the man I love
He don’t treat me right.
He makes me feel so blue.
I don’t know what to do.
Sometime I sit and sigh
And then begin to cry
’cause my best friend
Said his last goodbye.
There’s a change in the ocean,
Change in the deep blue sea, my baby,
I’ll tell yo,u folks, there ain’t no change in me.
My love for that man will always be.
Now I can read his letters.
I sure can’t read his mind.
I thought he’s lovin’ me.
He’s leavin’ all the time.
Now I see my poor love was blind.
Now I got the crazy blues since my baby went away.
I ain’t got no time to lose.
I must find him today.
Now the doctor’s gonna do all that he can.
But what you’re gonna need is an undertaker man.
I ain’t had nothin’ but bad news.
Now I got the crazy blues.

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