May 042015

Lucy Mae Blues, Frankie Lee Sims (Frankie Lee Sims), 1970

Original recording:  Frankie Lee Sims (Guitar and Vocals)


Recording information:

Recorded for Ace Records in 1970


My sunday woman brings the daily
that monday woman buys me stocking and shoes

bed not let my good gal catch you here
ain’t no tellin what poor little lucy mae do

my tuesday tore that pocket change
that wednesday woman want to do the same

my thursday woman knock upon my door
that friday woman boy has got to go

my saturday woman tote that gatlin gun
cuss you if you stand shoot you if you run

she left one christmas comin back that afternoon
next time i saw her boy was 19th of june

goodbye little woman babe you call that gone
you may leave frankie baby will take you all day long 

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